Rosh Ha'Shana - 5771 / Sep 2010: " Hag Sameach - Shana Tova -Nailutshie Pojelania k Novomu Godu "

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Russian Artists Immigrants ! We are YOUR FAMILY and platform to SUCCESS !

Russia will always be a part of our Being, where-ever we are !
She will never forget her children,nor will we ever forget her

Thousands of Russian musicians came to Israel during the last 15 years. Many of whom have a great background : The Moscow Symphony,the Bolshoi,the Leningrad Symphony,Kiev,Kharkov,Odessa,Tiblisi and on and on.

Israel supports nearly a dozen professional orchestras up and down the country,but due to serious financial constraints were able to only absorb a lucky few.

Dr. Zebba is an executive member of the 11th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition in Tel Aviv

source:IPPA - Edgar Asher

With the combined talent of these musicians we could have another six orchestras in Israel,if there was the money available says Dr. Sam Zebba, a competent pianist and conductor,who had formed an immigrant orchestra in 1991.

Artist Profiles by Name A-Z

Felicja Blumenthal Centre
Gesher Theatre
Bezalel Art Academy
Isr.Philharmonic Orchestra
New Israeli Opera
Russian Art
Museum R.Gan
Mariinsky Theatre - St.Petersburg
Bolshoi Moscow

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