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OBSHESTVO IRAS-Israel Profile -Svetlana Babajanova

Opera Singer - Soprano , Soloist

Svetlana Babajanova was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and immigrated to Israel in 1990

4 years of study at the Tashkent Conservatory
5 additional years at the Tshaikovsky Academy in Kiev, Ukraine - Graduation with special distinction.

Music Vocal Teacher,Teacher for Pianists and Mentor for Vocalists
Participated in and won the Galinka vocal competition.
Svetlana performed with high success on several opera scenes of the Soviet Union

Upon immigration to Israel Svetlana performed at the New Israeli Opera, also participating in concerts with well known orchestras.

Svetlana took part in seminars of the New Israeli Opera, under the management of Joanne Dorman and at well known institutions abroad.

The Buchman - Heiman Foundation greatly acknowledges her talents and supports her advancements in the Israeli Opera world.

The New Israeli Opera
Operas, Recitals, Concerts throughout Israel and overseas

Further details available at Mrs Babajanova's web-site and upon request

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