OBSHESTVO IRAS-Israel Artist Profile - Evelina Rakitskaia -Distinguished Israeli-Russian Poetess and Publisher -Tel Aviv - Israel

OBSHESTVO IRAS-Israel Artist Profile


Israeli-Russian Poetess and Publisher
Tel Aviv - Israel

Profile E. Rakitskaia

Evelina Rakitskaia - poet and publisher, was born in 1960 in Moscow. In 1988 she graduated from Literary Institute named after M.Gorky (Creative Seminar supervised by Eugenie Vinokurov). Evelina Rakitskaia's poems were published in journals "Yunost –The Youth"; "Slovo - The Word" (New York), "Smena", anthology "Moscow Muse" (Iskusstvo - Art, 1997, 2004), "Dyen Poezii - Poetry Day - 2000" and also in the journal "Galilee" (Israel), journal "Sputnik" (USA, 2005), "Mosti – Bridges" (Germany, 2006) and in many other almanacs, journals and collective compilations of different countries. Evelina Rakitskaia is the author of the book "TO LIVE TILL THIRTY" (1991); she is the member of the Writers' Union of Moscow and the Union of Russian-speaking Writers of Israel.

In 1999 I, together with my husband Anatoli Bogatikh (the graduate from the same Institute, poet, prosaic, and member of the Writers' Union of Moscow, opened non-commercial Publishing House which publishes the books of poetry and prose, memoirs, and other non-commercial literary genres. Soon this Publishing House became international because representatives of Russian-speaking Diaspora willing to publish their books in Moscow started applying to us. First of all these were the authors from Israel, USA, Germany and Canada. 450 books have been published for seven years. Every year we publish 50-60 books.

In 2004 I with my son came to live in Israel. In 2005 together with poet and prosaic Mikhail Berkovich I composed anthology "120 Poets of Russian-speaking Israel" which was published in Moscow. It contains the poems of 121 poets, (one poet more than it is stated in the title).

Now I live in Tel-Aviv. I also have two daughters, three grandsons and one granddaughter. One of my daughters lives in Israel another lives in Moscow. My husband is an official head of the Publishing House. I am its representative in Israel.





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