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OBSHESTVO IRAS-Israel Profile - Irena Pundik

Musician, Performer, Chelloist - Soloist

Born 23 June 1958 in Moldova - former USSR - now CIS
Immigrated to Israel 19 April 1999

1964 - 1976 special musician school near the State Institute of the Arts - completed studies as Gold Medal winner and entered the State Academy of Music "G. Musicescu" Chisinau, Moldova from 1976 - 1981

1981 M.A. -graduated with distinction, receiving the Red Diploma
1981 - 1982 played in the Moldavian State Symphony Orchestra of the opera and ballet

1982 - 1989 - Concertmaster of the Moldova Philharmonic , teacher at the state academy , chair of chamber music

Married in 1989 and left to Hungary, engaged in the entertainment of Soviet Army soldiers

Returning to the Soviet Union, Kirovograd , Ukraine, employed as teacher at the chello conservatory of the Pedagogical Institute, playing first chello in the chamber orchestra of the Kirovograd's philharmonic.

10 out of my 14 students entered the different Academies in the major cities of the Ukraine : Kiev , Lvov, Odessa and Donetzk.
During this time we created the chello ensembles from my pupils and students, which received excellent reviews and recognition in the media

In April 1999 repatriated in Israel, residing in Beer-Sheva

09/1990 - 03/1999 - Chello Soloist, Head of the Chello group - Chamber Orchestra

09/1999 - Chelloist in the Youth orchestra, " Concertron " - Beer Sheva

06/2000 - 2003 - Chelloist - Symphonet Ra'anana

09/2003 - Chelloist at the Haifa , Jerusalem , Beer Sheva and Herzlia Symphony Orchestras, the " Kameri Trio and the " Beer Sheva " Quartet

2003 until present - member of the Herzlia chamber orchestra, free lance in different orchestras:
Haifa, Jerusalem, Beer-Sheva, Ashdod

Since 2001 formed a trio with pianist Raymonda Sheinfeld and violinist Rita Shteinfer. We perform in different places in Israel.
Our repertoire includes trios of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Arensky, Rahmaninov etc.

We recorded our first CD in 2003 at the Jerusalem Recording studios.

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