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PMOH - OBSHESTVO IRAS-Israel Profile -Raymonda Sheinfeld

Renowned Musician, Performer, Soloist (Piano)

21/13 , Jabotinsky St. Beer Sheva 84411 - Israel
Phone: 972-8-6233184 / Mobile: 0547-310183

Born : Kishinev, Moldova - CIS , 1951 Repatriation: May 1991


M.A. in Music at Kishinev State Music Academy (1974), graduated with honors.

Ph.D. in Music at Leningrad State Music Academy (1976).

1976-1991 work as docent of chair of piano in Kishinev State Music Academy, Moldova.
38 students graduated from her class.

1993-1996 work as concert master on classic ballet lessons in " Ayalot Ha-Negev" dace group.

1996-1999 work as concert master on classic ballet lessons in " Hora Beer Sheva" dance group.

1998-2002 work as concert master in classic dance studio in Edith Polack Public Center - Shivtei Israel Campus.

March 2003 - Awarded by Medal and Diploma of Honor " For the enormous contribution to the development of musical culture in Israel and the City of Beer Sheva "

April 2003 - Awarded by the Illuminated Diploma of Honor from the International Biographic Center - Cambridge University, England.

Memberships : Member in the Israeli Forum of Musicians. Since 1993 co-operation with the Israeli Union of Composers

in her repertoire works by Shlomo Yoffe, Paul Ben-Hayim, Haya Arbel, Mark Kopitman, Yosef Bardanashvili, Yin'am Leef, Loti Amit, Daniela Cohn-Levitas, Rita Monkovich, Gil Shochat, Uri Brenner, Menachem Zur etc. etc.

PMOH - IRAS - International - Russian Cultural & Art Societies - Representation in Israel - Regional Director - Southern Region

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