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OBSHESTVO IRAS/IRAP - Israeli-Russian Art Promotions accept sponsorships for special event - Please contact : for details

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Attention Sponsors : EVENT SPONSORSHIPS

We are seeking a travel agent sponsor - min amount USD 200.00, as well as airline sponsors - min amount USD 350.00
for the right to display posters and promotional material in the main hall - seating up to 100 guests

material can also be displayed on tables near the foyer - entrance

Furthermore we are seeking sponsors - min amount - USD 300 from the wine producing sector for gratis wine tasting and Lehaim towards the New Year. Sponsorship includes prominent display of posters flyers and other promotional materials, gift package coupons etc etc.

Amounts in Israeli Shekel are payable to: Beit Hakehilot, 36 Yafo St. Jerusalem

All sponsors will also be given ample space in the sponsor section of our main web-site

For further details call : 972-54-4605497 or email us at

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IRAS General Assembly - 08 June 2007